Women's Wellbeing
Women Embracing Difference, Making a Difference


Womanhood Courses

Womanhood welcomes you into a safe place, a place to discover and embrace the essence of being woman.

During Womanhood we review our relationships and the roles we play (the MYSTERIES of RELATING). We examine FEMININE MYTHS and experiences that form beliefs that we hold and journey into personal SPIRITUALITY. We identify and Release old patterns that hold us back (LETTING GO) and Reclaim the power of the feminine.


Aspects Covered in Womanhood

Welcome and getting to know each other
Discussing what you want from the course and what may get in the way
Nurturing yourself and others
The art of giving and receiving
Awareness of the ages and stages of being a woman
Inviting more intimacy into your life through self-acceptance around sensuality and sexuality
Insights into your relationships and tools that focus on positive interaction
Letting go of the old to allow new possibilities and opportunities
Acknowledgement and celebration of you and your journey

Free Introductory Session

Come and see what Womanhood has to offer. Bring a friend, or your family. We invite you to this free introductory morning or evening session for our fabulous Womanhood course to have some fun, meet other like-hearted women and get a feel for what to expect from your participation in the weekend or weekly course.

Womanhood Weekly Course

A facilitated women’s group that runs on a single morning, afternoon or evening over seven to eight weeks.

Womanhood Weekend Course

Course run Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon.