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Women Holding Hands

Women embracing difference, making a difference
to the enrichment of our lives, our families and our communities


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Our Purpose:

Women’s Wellbeing Association offers a gateway to empowerment by providing a sisterhood of acceptance, inclusion and trust.

Our Vision:

Aloving supportive community offering a safe and sacred space to accept and honour the very essence of who we are.

Our Intention:

Women’s Wellbeing Association’s supports the expansion and growth of all women through a diverse program of events and workshops.

Dianne Ryan: Founding Spirit and Enduring Love

Beyond her exceptional leadership and intellect, Dianne exuded an undeniable zest for life. Her laughter, her fierce compassion, and the love she so freely shared left an indelible mark on all who crossed her path. This legacy of love forms the very foundation of WWA, where women from all walks of life gather to connect, grow, and empower one another.

In honor of Dianne's enduring spirit and dedication to fostering women's empowerment, WWA established the Dianne Ryan Fund. This fund helps bridge the gap for women facing financial barriers, ensuring they too can embark on transformative journeys within WWA.

By contributing to the Dianne Ryan Fund, you're not simply making a donation; you're actively carrying forward Dianne's legacy. You're ensuring that her boundless love and commitment to empowering women continues to touch countless lives.

Whether you knew Dianne personally or felt her impact through WWA, her love resonates. Today, we honor her life, her vision, and her enduring spirit. Join us in perpetuating her legacy by contributing to the Dianne Ryan Fund, a living testament to the woman who ignited a community of empowered women.

Amala Aldridge

Always a woman of innate integrity who saw me – truly saw me as no woman had ever done before – and called me forth ….. in a most gentle powerful heart felt and womb felt way ….. she showed me the possibilities that await when we truly hear our calling and show up. The legacy she leaves is vast and ongoing …. in the exponentially multiplying capacity of all the love she left us with …. all the wisdom she graced us with ….. her legacy continues to inspire me every day ….. to show up and to share this work . I am forever grateful for having had time with Dianne;
A teacher,
A mentor,
A goddess,
A friend.

Janet McGeever

Diane was like the great mother. You could always trust her embrace of you, no matter what woman came her way. She loved us, embraced us, rocked us, and moved us. Her compassion was huge. She had a gift – she had eyes that could see into each woman, see her essence and would speak to that part, and always encourage and coax that part forth. She was also mischievous and sassy, individual and soulful. I miss her. Her legacy lives on through WWA and all whose lives were touched by her.

Bex Smith

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The Pillars of Wellbeing


Experience transformative community building through our Facebook group, online share circles, and in-person gatherings. Connect with women and their families for strength and support.


Embrace gratitude through giving by supporting the Diane Ryan Fund. We foster partnerships by offering guest workshop facilitation and education. Empowering women with financial assistance for self-development activities.


Experience our Signature Womanhood program and other holistic education offerings in physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual aspects through interactive workshops and courses.


Become a volunteer or join our facilitator training to lead women’s circles and ceremonies. Explore the transformative journey of rites of passage. We offer training for women interested in becoming leaders of women’s groups

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