Women's Wellbeing
Women Embracing Difference, Making a Difference
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About Us

Our Vision

To build a community of women who share the ethos of
"Women embracing differences and making a difference" 
to the enrichment of our lives, our family and our communities.


Our Objectives

1. To promote self-development and well being for women by providing:

     a) Education through workshops and courses that are based on group work and self-awareness

     b) Training women interested in being leaders of women's groups.

     c) Women with financial assistance to support self-development activities.

     d) Community building amongst women, their families and beyond.

2. To collect generate and distribute information, literature and resources on women's wellbeing issues.

3. Women's Wellbeing Association Inc., is a not-for-profit body.

4. The assets and income of Women's Wellbeing Association Inc. Shall be applied solely in the furtherance of its above mentioned objectives and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of Women's Wellbeing Association Inc except as bona-fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.

Our vision of “Women embracing differences, making a difference” means, to us, listening and integrating the wealth of ideas and resources that our members have to offer. Since its inception WWA has developed substantially to meet the needs of Women through its many Womanhood programmes, monthly women’s circles, International Women’s Day events and the annual EveryWoman Gathering which continually surpasses our expectations.

We believe that we are all the catalysts for change - we are all capable of affecting those around us through the ripple effect - as a drop of water effects a pond. It takes some effort to step outside the norm but the possibilities are endless and the rewards great.

We also believe we are living in very significant times and we hope you will add to the action. Society is changing, individual by individual, group by group. Our intention is giving the ultimate gift to women, the gift of themselves. By joining WWA you assist in bringing this vision into reality.

If you would like to support, and be supported by the Women's Wellbeing Association Inc, why not become a member?

Be part of a vibrant, evolutionary community
Enjoy discounted monthly Women’s Circles
Receive our quarterly Newsletter
Save on registration for EveryWoman Gatherings
Obtain access to WWA members only section on the WWA website
Have the care and support of fellow members and dynamic WWA leaders/facilitators.

Since WWA’s conception in 2002 many women (and men) have lent their energy to the enrichment of our lives, our families and our community. WWA is a not-for-profit, self-funded, voluntary organisation, dedicated to initiating education, consciousness and empowerment raising activities for the health and wellbeing of women. All of our activities are designed to enable each woman to recognise and act on her own potential and your support in keeping this vision alive is vital.

Founding Members

Dianne Ryan
Pamela Rosalynde
Robyn Isaac
Janet McGeever
Delicia Bone

Current Committee

Penny Hayes
Zoe Slater
Patricia Hyne
Leigh Barron
Marie Kaye
Sheryle Vilenica
Stephanie Lister
Rachel James