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The Nurturing

The Nurturing

You are invited to THE NURTURING, a One Day Feminine Immersion to nurture mind, body and soul. Come and reclaim the woman inside. We welcome you warmly into the space. There will be time through the day for rest and relaxation.


As a woman, do you find yourself pushing so hard then you collapse in a heap?
Have expectations of yourself that you just can’t fulfil?
Striving to be something for everyone and find there is nothing left for you?
Do you feel ‘never enough’?
Women often put themselves last and it takes conscious taking time out to really nurture themselves. It’s too late when illness or deep exhaustion sets in. 
Take charge now and set aside this day of nurturing with experienced trained facilitators who have had over 50 years of combined experience facilitating in the field of women’s work.
Women can so often be so self critical - about their bodies, about their feelings, about their thoughts. 
What if you could learn how to be so tender with yourself, to be able to welcome all parts of you, instead of only the parts we think others will accept? 
What if you could know what it's like to feel so in touch with the rhythm of your own body, your own heart and your own soul and fully show up in your life as that? Imagine that woman as you.
It’s not enough to talk about these things as ideas – transformation can only happen when it is truly, deeply felt through the beautiful body from the INSIDE. When women take time to truly be with themselves and others in a deep authentic way, they get to fill up their cup so they can step back into their life and move forward in love.