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Terms & Conditions

At all times, it is the goal of Women’s Wellbeing Association Inc and its facilitators to hold a safe and supportive environment for each participant to embrace her authentic inner wisdom and deepen her journey of self-discovery. Please read the following to understand the terms of your participation in any WWA program or event.

I AGREE to accept full responsibility for myself during the program or event and I understand that I may choose to not participate in any part of the program or event. One of WWA’s core values is personal responsibility. Persons attending any WWA program, event or meeting needs to make their own assessment as to its suitability, and their decision to participate is deemed a personal choice, for which they accept personal responsibility for themselves, and indemnifies WWA against all costs, losses, damage or injury from any cause to property or person caused or contributed to from their actions.

Organisers or facilitators shall not be liable for damages in any way including personal injury in or about, the premises or travel to or from such events.

I UNDERSTAND that my participation in a WWA program or event may be terminated at the discretion of the facilitators and a pro­rata refund of any program will apply. If I withdraw, no part of the fee shall be refunded.

I COMMIT to being present for the duration of any program or event I have registered for to the best of my ability.


WWA respects your right to privacy and wishes to make you aware of how we will handle your personal information. By providing us with your personal information you agree that WWA may collect and use this information (as that term is defined by the Privacy Act 1988) and may do the following with your personal information:

  •  advise you of upcoming events, marketing to you and so on;

  •  In order to provide support to you and form community, share your contact details with other members of a group who have participated with you in a WWA program (unless you inform us you do not wish this), WWA guarantees at no time will your personal details be sold to, or disclosed to third parties that it is not legally required to do so.


You agree to use any contact list or information shared with you with the utmost respect for the privacy of others and will protect the information contained therein.

WWA contact lists and information cannot be used for SPAM, marketing your products to, or disclosing to third parties without prior permission.